As a totally free guy, your face the possibility that another guy may challenge you and wanna combat you

As a totally free guy, your face the possibility that another guy may challenge you and wanna combat you

When when you look at the place you need to follow the guidelines in the space you were reasonable online game this kind of places and in case you do not understand how to safeguard your self could see challenging fast.

As a no cost Woman you might find yourself seized or enslaved if area is not safe for 100 % free lady to travel to by yourself. Life is very dangerous 100% free Women on Gor therefore the smallest incorrect behavior could cause unwelcome problems to build.

As a servant, you are able to basically expect some body shooting and collaring you and leading you to their house or the homes associated with camp, town or individual community displayed inside space. Servant’s seldom enter a bedroom uncollared and then leave they exactly the same way unless its a safe region where they aren’t getting energy collared.

Get to be the Gorean you’re playing. Don’t be limited by the guidelines that regulate our world, you are in Gor when you enter the speak area. Getting a Gorean.

Regard people inside the place. Numerous being playing the smoothness you will find consistently and importance both her personality as well as the role-play/storyline these are generally in. Do not address some time in chat area like you were playing an arcade online game. When a character is actually slain or missing to an unwanted fortune, it’s accomplished. No would overs!


You shouldn’t hurry into role-play till you are prepared to get involved. Lots of places allows you to need an -o- or observer tag to view and see.

Cannot Gender-bend – Meaning in case you are a person, bring men, if you are a lady, perform a woman. Gender twisting will bring you banned from a chat webpages.

Cannot perform more than one personality at a time. This is certainly thought about dueling and is also strictly forbidden by all Gorean Chat areas. After you retire a character or truly slain, chances are you’ll accept a new dynamics, perhaps not prior to.

You should not address people disrespectfully. Learn about interaction between Goreans. Slaves had been cherished and respected, Free Females received regard as such, complimentary males got esteem or their encountered their unique wrath. Behind every Gorean are a real person from environment, with feelings and feelings.

Don’t use Gor since your location to release your own actuality dilemmas. We are really not right here getting pummelled cause you need vengence from the bully that overcome you up. We are really not right here to endure for the worst items that takes place in your life in any way. Nor can we be anticipated walk on egg shells give you have dilemmas, arrive enjoyment and fantasy, and leave the difficulties home within actual life.

Typical Principles

Perceiver – Perceiver must follow the formula of every area you will see a summary of policies on each entry webpage it is strongly suggested you look at this web page as ignorance is not any justification. Busting this rule will quite typically end in your being booted from a bedroom by the space or webpages moderator. Repeated offenses may end in permanent banning from web site. By entering the areas your consent to heed these guidelines and recognize the outcomes for breaking all of them. Read specific webpages guidelines for exact guidelines and punishment for breaking all of them.

Sex Bending – as a result of the intensive characteristics of Gorean part gamble, get across sex role play is usually frowned upon in mostGorean Role-Playing internet. Guys shall position enjoy men Goreans and girls shall function gamble women Goreans. However there are a few situations when over time have proven on their own effective at taking the role down. Know that any time you pick this opportunity of roleplay it’s always best to be sure to are designed for the criticism that will initially feature they.

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