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Facing issues in managing the location reports, total visits per day, DSR’s, etc. after using TNT Location Tracker APP I made myself free from it. With this, I can access the reports of the team in real-time and have a clear picture of their work. While the name makes me cringe a little, the functionality is rather cool. IDoneThis is a productivity and team management app which offers daily check-ins and progress reports. I scraped the PPT and set up a one hour, weekly meeting. I then made an information radiator using an Excel spreadsheet. Clean tables, formatting and colors made it easy to understand and I could update it right in the meeting.

It includes modules for project management & collaboration, resource scheduling, time tracking, expense management, quoting & invoicing. You can choose whether you view tasks in list view or as Kanban boards. Avaza also offers powerful reporting features. development operations Use Avaza in the cloud, and access it from any device whether its your desktop, tablet or mobile. IDoneThis offers centralized control over the status updates that help users to communicate and get status updates of their tasks by using the check-in.

Teams can then accurately bill and forecast, effectively manage capacity, and strategically plan workloads. Mosaic rescues organizations from clunky spreadsheets and gives them the true big picture. Two major alternatives of iDoneThis are Sptingpad and Wunderlist. Springpad is available free of cost and, just like iDoneThis, offers integration with Google Calendar. Other features of Springpad include color coding for different tasks, personal assistant, task management tool, and multi-platform support. We were looking for a good project management software.

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Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Whether it’s for work, a side project or even the next family vacation, Trello helps your team stay organized. Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to Trello cards.

It’s not a micro-management thing but it allows the Strategy or Compliance Department to collate all Projects across the company to the same standard against the same milestones. Project Validation cannot occur if you are just taking the PM’s word for it at a stand up and you would also need a Scrum-Master like role to report to (Programme Manager maybe?). For Public Companies – a status report is absolutely vital to demonstrate value to the shareholders. Care to strip it of any proprietary data and post it somewhere?

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We help teams share their core processes, then transform them into powerful no-code workflows. Start with employee onboarding to set up new hires for success, then build all sorts of workflows like customer implementation, content approvals and tenant screening. Manage your team wiki and company handbook 100% free.

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Export and share professional business reports with your clients. Track time anywhere you work, from any device or directly in your favorite project management apps like Asana, Trello, Slack and 30+ online services. GanttPRO is online Gantt chart software that helps single users and teams plan, schedule, and manage their projects. The project planning tool allows project managers and teams to create and assign tasks, track progress, work with tasks dependencies and milestones. Also, this Web-based Gantt chart tool is used to efficiently manage resources and cost as well as collaborate with teams, and share plans with third parties not registered in the app.

Face to face does not have to be a physical, it can be conducted over the net. Such as file sharing, ease of use and notification settings. You can also compare I Done This against popular alternatives like Box, Zoom and Grammarly. Or you can view the top 50 brands in similar remote software development tools categories, such as , and . When an issue is assigned to another person, we set it as “New”. Once the other person sees the issue, they change its status to “Confirmed” to acknowledge that they’ve seen it, or as “To be discussed” if they need additional information.

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This document is versioned in our ECM solution in order to keep the history. Those documents are opened on our friday afternoon meeting where each PM tell about the status of is project. Each PM has about 5 min for each project during the meeting. The application is available through web browsers where users can log in and start posting their entries.

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Todoist is the world’s #1 to-do list & task manager to organise your life and work. Regain clarity and calmness by getting tasks out of your head and into Todoist, no matter where you are or what device you use. It’s a simple yet powerful to-do list app ranked best-in-class by Apple, Google, The Verge, Forbes, and more.

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The robust platform gives administrators the ability to create clients and projects with unique billing rates, budget limits, and alerts, and present accurate and detailed reports to clients. Users can track individual billable hours with timers, collaborate with others on their tasks, and submit changes to keep a detailed outlook on project progress. Includes a work request queue for handling customer requests/tickets, invoicing, document management, email integration, and more. Integrates with Google drive, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Slack, and others. Focus your team with small, clear tasks that always get done.

  • Priority Task Scheduling, with a pricing score of 3.4 is considered less expensive to implement than iDoneThis with a score of 4.2.
  • Write down your daily activities and stay motivated, whatever you do.
  •, with a pricing score of 2 is considered less expensive to implement than iDoneThis with a score of 4.2.

The gated quiz results is a great way to generate valuable information about your leads as well as incentivize them to convert. Once you’ve put the time to complete Bryan’s quiz you’re invested. The truth is probably that they’re not really leads at all — just people. On average, the majority of companies have addressed 2-3 of these issues well on their website. This list should include the questions, fears, issues and worries that prospects have.

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Break down silos and share knowledge across different teams. Assign tasks, comment, upload files and get real-time feedback from your team. Easily track hours and set estimates on your tasks. Improve team communication and collaboration with Azendoo, an easy project management and team collaboration application for modern teams. Available as web, desktop and mobile applications, Azendoo helps teams organize work, plan and share team projects, and communicate more efficiently, thus increasing productivity. Azendoo offers integrations with major business apps plus over 80 external services via Zapier.

This is the one synchronous meeting framework you need to work fully asynchronously otherwise, with peace of mind. Build every day with intent with a fun, efficient meeting that empowers and aligns your whole team. Remove the communication hurdle that plagues most remote and distributed teams.

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Next week, my husband and I will be celebrating the day five years ago that we started approaching life from the perspective of ‘us’… I’m excited about the potential of displaying my iDoneThis daily reports on my Google Calendar . I’ve contacted their help desk to suggest some improvements, but it’s a great start. While not particularly revolutionary, Steve’s short-timed/entry popup follows best practices convincingly. Contrasting CTA buttons, aspirational headline and subheadline, simple lead info fields and a clean layout make this popup one which likely converts quite well. The timed popup is great but I’m actually a bigger fan of their bottom-of-blog subscription bar. There’s no exit option, which initially threw me off.

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