FlamencoMind’s website markets infoproducts in the form of video courses.

At the beginning the formula chosen is that of a membership page (“membership site”).

Access to contents

To access the courses it is necessary to register as a user by filling out the registration form. It will indicate your name and surname, tax ID and email address. You will then be directed to the payment details to be registered on the online platform provided for this purpose.

Registration as a user implies the payment of a monthly amount duly announced before confirming the purchase. The price will vary depending on the services or information products related to the type of subscription contracted.

Once the payment has been made and verified, the client will have access after a few minutes while the system automatically registers him/her as a subscriber user.

If FlamencoMind detects irregular use by a user (not complying with the terms of use, legal notice or privacy policy, for example), it may temporarily or permanently suspend their access. In this case, no right of complaint will be possible.

Payment and invoicing

The client will pay by bank card the type of subscription he is interested in.

This payment will be made through the online platform Stripe. This means that the bank details are not managed by FlamencoMind but by the aforementioned secure platform.

The payment will be for a minimum of one month, and will be made in advance. The system will automatically renew the subscription for another month if the client has not cancelled the subscription through the procedure foreseen and announced on the website.

In article 102 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, as it is an infoproduct, the amount paid cannot be refunded. Once the first access to the contents has been made, the customer loses his right of withdrawal.

Obligations of the client and FlamencoMind

The Customer shall be responsible for:

  • keeping the access codes to their subscription, which is personal and non-transferable.
  • Provide truthful information when filling in the appropriate fields in the subscription process
  • To safeguard the intellectual property of FlamencoMind’s audiovisual material, not making copies of any kind of its contents.

FlamencoMind will be responsible for:

  • Keeping accessible the contents whose access has been contracted by the client. In the case of computer problems or cybernetic attacks, FlamencoMind will proceed as quickly as possible to restore the service.
  • Do not give the customer’s identification data to third parties, unless express authorization is requested at the time.

Communications with FlamencoMind

Although this website is in several languages, please contact us preferably in Spanish or English. Doing so in other languages could result in a small delay in response.

In the case of communications of a legal nature, only Spanish or English will be answered.

If there are contradictions between the translations, the one written in Spanish will prevail.

Availability of the contents of the FlamencoMind website

The Client will have access to the contracted contents for the current period of time that appears on FlamencoMind’s website.

FlamencoMind reserves the right to change the contents by adding new ones, renewing others or withdrawing those it considers appropriate.


All conditions and legal statements on this page are governed by Spanish law. All conflicts and disputes related to this website shall be submitted, unless otherwise agreed, to the Courts of Madrid, Spain.