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Who is behind FlamencoMind

The strength of a team

Marta & Norberto

Friends, fellow artists, family….
…..Flamenco united us, and made us grow in the world of dance. We have worked together in many projects, difficult ones at times, but over all making us fall in love with flamenco each time. When we became soloists, we were able to experience and enjoy the sensation of freedom that Flamenco dancing gives you when you understand its rhythms and palos. 

We studied under the same flamenco masters who taught us a common language: elegance, character and strength.

We are thankful to all the cultures that have shown an interest in flamenco. Giving our experience as teachers and dancers in many countries, we know the main points of difficulties in learning.

It is with love and gratitud towards all these cultures, that has made us create a method to implement the teaching of all the great masters of flamenco in the world.

Marta De La Villa

I have been a professional dancer for 20 years. After working in the best tablaos in Madrid and traveling around the world in numerous companies, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live and teach in Tokyo for 10 years. My time in Japan was a beautiful and inspiring journey through a culture that was different but at the same time so close and warm to me.

After that break, and back in Spain, I redirected my life towards another branch of movement and health. I am a Yoga and Pilates instructor, an osteopath, an acupuncturist and the creator of a body-mind movement system called the Verdasco system of integral mobility.

flamenco teacher marta de la villa


marta de la villa terapeuta

Osteopathy & Acupuncture

marta de la villa movilidad integral

Integral Mobility

Norberto Chamizo

Dancer, teacher, choreographer and company director.

I have lived and continue to live my life around flamenco, which has given me such satisfaction and opportunities to get to know different countries and cultures.

Through teaching I have discovered some difficulties that flamenco students may have.

Knowing the importance of the need for a good physical condition made me go into anatomy studies as a professional therapist.


norberto chamizo coreofrafo flamencomind


Chiropractor & Therapist

Thanks to those who have collaborated in this adventure


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