Body and Mind with flamenco rhythm

Dancing flamenco is an experience that goes beyond dancing. We introduce a comprehensive way to understand, practice and enjoy these rhythms.


We prepare your mind, train your body, TEACH YOU TO DANCE FLAMENCO.

atención plena bailando flamenco


Through the balance of breathing we integrate the listening of the flamenco compás (rhythm) in your mind. Within that calmness we teach you how to enjoy flamenco.

preparacion física para bailar flamenco


By training full range of motion and getting to know your body, you will learn to transmit elegance, art and strength.



We offer a solid base of flamenco technique with which you can create your own choreographies and develop your style.

FlamencoMind is a lifestyle

We are FlamencoMind. Are you?

You will understand the success of our method with our unique approach to a holistic perspective when practicing flamenco dance.

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We will share our experiences and our unique system with you. We will teach you how to prepare your mind, train your body, and dance Flamenco.

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Years of experience

Marta and Norberto have more than 45 years of
combined experience of teaching and performing

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The best guarantee of our success is the satisfaction
and success of our students.

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Dance Flamenco from a good physical and mental form

Flamenco dance is an intense art form that requires control of your breath and mind in order to endure rehearsals and overcome the difficulties and exhaustions of the choreographies.

You need a strong core in order to obtain balance for your turns and “quiebros” and strength to achieve speed and harmony.

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