What do I get as registered user?

Learn to dance flamenco in a complete, aware and fun way.

We want you to approach flamenco with a strong technical and physical awareness in order for you to help avoid any type of injury in the future. In addition, we want you to learn how to restore calmness to your body and mind after a job well done.

How do these online courses work? FlamencoMind has created a method designed to make learning flamenco dance online into an enriching experience. We will periodically include new palos and also add new contents for your study. With your subscription, you will have access to all the videos and contents.

What material will you need? A mat (or a large towel), a yoga brick (or a thick book), and flamenco shoes or boots.

The 4 steps of the FlamencoMind method

1- Atención Plena

Any learning requires concentration before work.

2- Acondicionamiento físico

Strength, Resistance, Safety in movement.

3- Flamenco

Learn technique and choreography. Whatever your level is you can develop your personality. Enjoy.

4- Vuelta a la calma

Good job! Enjoy the calm and relaxation.

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