Here is where your way with FlamencoMind starts

In FlamencoMind we have divided our content in two parts. This way will be easier for you to de-cide what you want to learn in each moment.

You will find Palos del Flamenco (Styles) and Masterclasses.

When you register with us you will have access to all the content of the courses. Once you have registered and paid in full, you will have exclusive access to all the content of the courses of the FlamencoMind community.


We want you to approach flamenco with a strong technical and physical awareness in order for you to help avoid any type of injury in the future. In addition, we want you to learn how to restore calmness to your body and mind after a job well done.

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Palos del Flamenco are different styles of singing, dancing and playing guitar depending on their place of origin or their rhythm.

In FlamencoMind we offer you a selection of these Palos where you can choose which beat of style to learn.


Masterclasses for your formation/learning. In this part you will have available specific content. Any masterclass will help you to complete and complement your study of Flamenco.

Enrich your dancing!

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Our master classes are ideal to focus on specific topics. 

Discover our proposals and choose yours.

Join us and enjoy flamenco

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