Welcome to FlamencoMind

Welcome to the Community of FlamencoMind!

We thank you for your trust and hope you enjoy flamenco dancing with us.
We will prepare you physically and mentally to understand the rhythm better and faster and to facilitate the study of its technique.

We are not Anglo-Saxon or Japanese, but we will try to communicate with you in English or Japanese. We apologize for any grammatical errors we may make.

What material do I need?

material flamencomind practise
1. Atención Plena al Compás
Yoga mat and brick (or large towel and thick book) and a quiet space where you can listen.
2. Acondicionamiento Físico
Mat (or large towel) and some other accessories that will always be accessible to everyone.
3. Flamenco
You will need shoes/boots.
4. Vuelta a la Calma
Mat (or large towel) and some accessories that will always be accessible to everyone.
material needed for the flamencomind method

How do I start?

It is very easy:

  1. Choose which Palo/Compás you want to work with.
  2. A work unit has four different sections:
      • Atención Plena al Compás
      • Acondicionamiento Físico
      • Flamenco
      • Vuelta a la Calma

    In each section you will find several videos with different areas of work.
    Each workday combines a video from each section.
    Combine them as you like and repeat them in different combinations.
    Do the work in that order.

  3. Only in the flamenco section you have to choose your level: Initiation or



View the videos first before making them with us to optimize learning.
Repeat the videos several times, without rushing, until you are able to perform the exercises and technique by yourself with the audios.
Combine the videos with each other.
Periodically return to units already made. REMEMBER THAT THE TECHNIQUE IS ALWAYS LEARNED AND REVIEWED.
Attached is an appendix with the Spanish vocabulary you will hear in some classes.
At the  FlamencoMind´s Corner you will find compás classes and other useful vocabularies.

Remember that we are not doing the exercises with you and that we each person may have different mobility limits. CONTROL your efforts to work safely. We want to enjoy the process and that means not hurting ourselves.

From FlamencoMind we will be implementing the content and study material and we will always let you know and keep you informed of all the news.
We are always at your disposal in our e-mail for your suggestions, comments and queries.

At FlamencoMind we are always with you

Sign up with us and enjoy flamenco

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